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What Our Students Say:

"Thank you very much for your quick response. I must say OnCourse Learning, formerly ProSchools is definitely a top notch school! My experience with your organization has been nothing but positive and you have definitely earned my repeat business. Thank you once again."
~ Arturo M

"I can't say enough 'good' things about OnCourse Learning, formerly ProSchools product/coursework and customer service. And, in truth, I was skeptical to begin with as I had never used an online course. I come from a very traditional educational background having attended public schools for both undergraduate and graduate school; given my age (64) I haven't felt completely integrated into the age of computers and online schooling. With all this being said, I was more than satisfied with the experience and results using OnCourse Learning, formerly ProSchools. I intend on registering for the state insurance license exam with you in the next week or so...onward and upward as I continue on my quest to reinvent myself!
~Tami G

"OnCourse Learning, formerly ProSchools material was excellent! I did very well on both my state and national exams. Above and beyond anything else your information was accurate as it pertained to what to study."
~ Matt B

"I am so pleased that I did my testing prep for the federal and state NMLS tests. Your format was so easy to handle. It was thoughtfully setup by categories. Then under each category was a lesson, an audio-visual 5-8 minute review presentation, followed by test questions. At the end of all that, 300 review questions! I passed my federal exam first try. I am now studying for the state exam and expect that I will pass the first time also, since you covered everything I did/will need.

"I also had a question or two during the process. I called the office and was able to get my questions answered promptly. I hope you will pass this on to others who are thinking about taking your course. I thought it was excellent. Hopefully you will have courses in the years to come when I need to have continued education."
~ Penny B

"I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed your course. I was able to work on it during business hours and at home. It was informative, challenging and a lot of fun. The interactions with the instructor and other participants was outstanding. I finished the course in a couple of days and got more out of it than I would by sitting through a week of instruction. By reading the lessons and doing the quizzes I was well prepared for the final. With 35 years in the industry, I can’t imagine a course that is better suited to meet the needs of today’s originator. I highly recommend your program to anyone who needs their pre-license education and as a great pre-test preparation. Thank you and I look forward to future dealings with OnCourse Learning, formerly ProSchools."
~ John M

"I wanted to thank-you for a well prepared course, quizzes and test exams. The course instruction was comprehensive and the online format was very easy to use and track my progress. The quizzes and exams were similar in principle to the exam that I took at a test center even though, of course, different questions and choices. All in all, your company did a wonderful job in preparation."
~ Douglas R

"I took exams and passed both National 86 and state 77. I’m very happy with the training format. The test was very hard and I wouldn't have had a chance without your help."
~ Fred S

"I want to let you know that I was very apprehensive about taking any pre-license course and particularly one online. I decided to go with OnCourse Learning, formerly ProSchools due to the flexible schedule as opposed to sitting in a classroom for hours of training over several days. I certainly made the right choice as I was able to learn at my own pace and could go back over the material and review for the tests. The proof is I did extremely well on both the federal and state tests which took a load of my shoulders."
~ Thanks. Dave D

"I wanted to thank you for the course material. It was helpful and the extra notes on what to expect for the state came in really handy. I focused in on the State Compliance and passed both. I have used training from your competitors in the past and I definitely got more out of OnCourse Learning, formerly ProSchools training program."
~ Jerry K

"I cracked open this course the day after Christmas about 3 in the afternoon with drudgery in my heart until I saw the lesson points being made over and over again in different forms presentations. I actually got to looking forward to getting to the next lesson. (As much as one can get to looking forward to that you understand)."

"Congratulations OnCourse Learning, formerly ProSchools for your fine efforts. I learned a lot and I think I’ll retain a lot of it because of the way it was presented."
~ Larry H

"Just passed both NMLS tests on the first try. Excellent course, thank you!! I've started referring OnCourse Learning, formerly ProSchools to other companies! Thanks again."
~ Glen J

"I am writing to tell you that OnCourse Learning, formerly ProSchools has provided me with terrific customer service support... And, the response by the instructor to my class assignments was excellent. However and maybe most importantly, the course material was expertly presented in the online course and more than adequately prepared me for both the state and federal exams for the loan origination license (NMLS). In fact, most of the highlighted topics developed in the coursework were found in the exams. I sat down to take the national exam this morning experiencing some trepidation as to whether I would pass...however, after about five minutes into the exam, I quickly realized I was well-prepared by the course (material, practice exams and final exam) to answer accurately the questions that were posed. I was able to achieve a score of 90% on the national exam today! Thank you for a great class and experience!
~ Tami G

"What a great experience! I just passed my real estate exam and want to pass on my thanks for a really positive experience. I was very well prepared from your online course, passing on my first attempt. I started in early December and finished up late January. A few times I called your instructors and was treated with respect and encouragement. Thanks for preparing me so well…I can’t wait to start my new career!"
~ Patty S.

"I have been out of school for a number of years and was not sure I could handle an online course. But I was desperate and your online course was perfect for my crazy schedule. I am a morning person and I was able to study 2 hours before my kids woke up! Thanks, OnCourse Learning, formerly ProSchools, for making your courses so convenient!"
~ Jason P

"Thanks so much! Great online program, great instructor support, and really great staff! Can’t wait to get to work now."
~ Marsha B

"Great experience! I learned a lot, the material was interesting…gave me a good foundation in preparing to pass the broker exam. Thanks for all your help!"
~ Dennis D

"This is a wonderful way for me to refresh and get my education hours. I work another job and it is hard to do live courses."
~ Barb L

"Great program, love the flexibility to take the class and continue on my job. Was able to schedule a showing for this evening and make a listing appointment. This program is far superior to attending a class in person!"
~ Nancy B

"Let me just be very direct. Each and every time our paths have crossed your staff has been very accommodating and a ray of sunshine. On a personal level please accept my sincerest appreciation for your joy and positive energy. You are a welcomed friend in the mortgage industry. I wish I had more clients and business relationships like you. If you ever need anything please let me know how I may help."
~ Shane M

"Last Friday I called in to your customer service department to obtain clarification on using the 20 hour Loan Officer training program. I would like to communicate to you that our interaction was outstanding. She was knowledgeable, informative, efficient and most of all proactive. Upon request she provided her own insights as to key elements in order to effectively navigate the instructional website and offered suggestions as to how I might be more efficient about managing my time. When I asked, Is there anything that from your own experience that I’ve not asked about that you believe to be important to the process?”, she was actually proactive and offered a couple of very insightful suggestions."

"In summary, in a time in society where service agents often hide behind the wall of electronic media, your customer service staff was an outstanding representative of your firm, gave the impression we were actually having a meeting in person and most importantly provided encouragement, goodwill, knowledge and confidence regarding your programs for professionals. Please commend Ms. Barton for her level of service and perhaps review her interactive style and delivery techniques to share with others."
~ Glenn H

"First of all, I appreciated your professional work and patient that help me and walk through with me this entire course. I want to thank you from bottom form my heart. Good news, I had finished the whole course but I need to practice more exams before I take the state exam."
~ Regards, Shu S

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