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Don't trust just anyone with your career. Choose ProSchools, where experienced and caring professionals teach real estate classes online. As a student of our Tennessee Real Estate licensing program, you'll get:

  • Online real estate lessons with instructor support
  • Comprehensive quizzes and practice exams
  • 24/7 course access to fit your pace and schedule
  • Helpful support when you need it
  • Weekly live Virtual Study Program webinars

Tennessee Real Estate Courses and Products

  1. Tennessee Real Estate Prelicense Gold

    Our Gold package includes everything you need to complete your education and pass your real estate licensing exam:

    • Tennessee Real Estate Prelicense Online 60-hour Principles and Fundamentals Course ($299 Value)
    • Tennessee Real Estate Prelicense 30-hour Course for New Affiliates ($179 value)
    • Exam Prep ($99 value)
    • Instructor Support Access ($99 Value)
    • Weekly Live Virtual Study Program…


    90 hrs

    As low as: $399.00

  2. Tennessee Real Estate Prelicense Principles & Fundamentals Online

    You will be impressed with the content-rich lessons, thorough chapter reviews, and frequent practice exams! Written by real estate experts, this interactive course will help you focus on key terms, offering plenty of study questions with explanations.

    • Weekly Live Virtual Study Program Webinars on National Topics ($250 value)


    60 hrs

    As low as: $259.00

  3. Tennessee Real Estate Prelicense Course for New Affiliates

    Tennessee requires all Affiliate brokers complete this 30-hour course prior to their license being issued. You'll learn everything you need to get started filling out listing contracts, purchase and sale agreements, finance, closings, and ethical behavior. ProSchools coursework is interesting as well as informative.

    • Weekly Live Virtual Study Program Webinars on National Topics ($250 value)

    Online - Self Paced

    30 hrs


  4. Exam Prep Toolkit: Real Estate

    Included in the complete tool kit are:

    • Real Estate Flashcards, delivered electronically, covering hundreds of terms and definitions
    • Powerful recorded reviews covering all topics on the national portion of the licensing exam
    • Recorded webinar covering test-taking tips, strategies for preparing for the national portion of the state licensing exam and how to utilize the test content outlines.


    As low as: $99.00