Tennessee Licensing Requirements

To get a permanent resident producer insurance license in Tennessee, you must:

  1. Obtain a Uniform Application for Resident Individual Insurance Producer License.
  2. Complete prelicensing education requirement for the line(s) of insurance you wish to be licensed. The hours of required education are:
    • Tennessee Life Insurance: 20 hours
    • Tennessee Accident & Health Insurance: 20 hours
    • Tennessee Property Insurance: 20 hours
    • Tennessee Casualty Insurance: 20 hours
  3. Schedule and pass an examination with Pearson VUE.
  4. Submit your application materials and filing fee at the test center when you sit for your state examination.
  5. Submit fingerprints. Requests for a fingerprint-based background check must be submitted through the use of the Tennessee Applicant Processing Service. Fingerprint information can be found at the Insurance Division website.

You will be issued a license by the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance once you have passed the examination and the Department is satisfied that you have met all other licensing requirements. If you are issued a license, you can not engage in the business of insurance until you are contracted by an insurer.

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