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Washington Insurance Courses and Products

Long-Term Care Initial 8-Hour Certification

This course has been designed for the insurance producer who wishes to sell, solicit or negotiate Long-Term Care insurance in the state of Washington. This course meets the requirements of Washington statute RCW 48.83.130 requiring specialized training in Long-Term Care insurance. Successful completion of the course will provide the student with the training and certification required by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner to market LTC insurance under Washington?s Long-Term Care Partnership Act, the NAIC Model LTC Act and Washington state law and rule. hide details...
Online 8 hrs $69.00 Buy

Personal Auto Coverage

This course provides an in-depth view of personal auto coverage. In addition to explaining the coverage provisions in standard personal auto policies and endorsements, it explores criminal and civil laws applicable to operating motor vehicles and the legal liability exposures of the insured. The course also provides risk management steps that may be taken to reduce both liability and physical damage risk exposures. The course concludes with a discussion of important underwriting factors and summarizing important steps in the claims process. hide details...
Online 5 hrs $40.00 Buy

21st Century Liability Risks

This course presents an overview of liability risks encountered in today's technological age along with methods and plans to manage these risks. Many of these risks are insurable, and appropriate insurance coverages are described. Risks explored include data privacy breaches, cyber bullying, libel, copyright issues, identity theft, cyber risks, workplace violence, employee theft, fraud and terrorism. Methods of managing these risks are considered, including the use of cyber risk insurance, terrorism insurance, homeowners liability coverage, pollution liability, and employment practices liability insurance. Risk reduction processes are also provided. hide details...
Online 4 hrs $32.00 Buy

American Health Insurance Policies and Plans

This course reviews health plans, understanding Medicare claims, Long-Term Care policies, underwriting and policy provisions, non-forfeiture options for long-term care, disability income plans, disability policy options, overhead expense policies for business, taxes, disability underwriting and disability claims. hide details...
Online 4 hrs $32.00 Buy

Long-Term Care Partnership Refresher

All life and health insurance producers that wish to continue selling LTC insurance coverage must complete a minimum of a four-hour "refresher" course every two years. This course satisfies the 4-hour refresher requirement and covers available long-term services and providers; changes or improvements in long-term care services and providers; alternatives to the purchase of private long-term care insurance; the effect of inflation on benefits and the importance of inflation protection; consumer suitability standards and guidelines; and state and federal rules and requirements and the relationship between qualified state long-term care insurance partnership programs and other public and private coverage of long-term care services, including Medicaid. hide details...
Online 4 hrs $32.00 Buy

Need for Homeowners Insurance

Homeownership brings with it pride and responsibility. This course focuses on current trends and coverages in a homeowners insurance policy. It explores the more common policy forms with an emphasis on certain conditions, exclusions and endorsements. The course expands with an in-depth look at current, specialized coverage conditions, such as terrorism risk, kidnap and ransom coverage, and other 21st century exposures. The Office of Insurance Commissioner does not allow courses to be repeated within a three-year period. hide details...
Online 4 hrs $32.00 Buy
Workbook 4 hrs $32.00 Buy

Selling to a Senior Market

Nobody wants to think about aging. But an agent who's able to help the baby boomer generation plan well for the "golden years" will be a busy agent indeed. This course concentrates on the senior insurance market. It considers many different issues facing those in this demographic: medical coverage concerns, medicare and medicaid, prescription drug plans, long-term care, life insurance and estate planning issues. The Office of Insurance Commissioner does not allow courses to be repeated within a three-year period. hide details...
Online 4 hrs $32.00 Buy
Workbook 4 hrs $32.00 Buy

Washington Annuity Suitability 4 hour course

This course is approved to satisfy the annuity training requirement! This course explores the features, benefits and risks of annuity products and their appropriate use and sale. Its content conforms to the training requirements in the NAIC's Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation and includes: types and classifications of annuities, identification of the parties to an annuity; the ways fixed, variable and indexed annuity contract provisions affect consumers; the application of income taxation of qualified and non-qualified annuities; the primary uses of annuities; and appropriate sales practices, replacement and disclosure requirements. hide details...
Online 4 hrs $32.00 Buy

COBRA and HIPAA Uncovered

From the history of COBRA to the penalties of HIPAA violations, this course explores their purpose and the effect they have on business today. Written to help insurance professionals understand the basics of COBRA and HIPAA administration, you will look at persons eligible for COBRA, the benefits available, safeguards required by HIPAA, the rights of employees under ERISA, and how to implement benefit programs consistently and legally. The Office of Insurance Commissioner does not allow courses to be repeated within a three-year period. hide details...
Online 3 hrs $24.00 Buy
Workbook 3 hrs $24.00 Buy

Ethics and the Producer

Operating ethically as an insurance producer requires both obligations to your customer and responsibilities to the insurer. This course meets your three-hour ethics requirement and clarifies many of your duties prior to attaining coverage, as well as duties owed after a issuing a policy. hide details...
Online 3 hrs $24.00 Buy

Ethics for Insurance Professionals

In daily insurance practices, agents are put in situations where there is no right or wrong answer. This course explores an agent's responsibility to respond effectively to ethical challenges. This course satisfies Washington's three hour ethics requirement. The Office of Insurance Commissioner does not allow courses to be repeated within a three-year period. If you took this course within the last three years you should enroll in Ethics and the Insurance Producer to satisfy your ethics requirement. hide details...
Online 3 hrs $24.00 Buy
Workbook 3 hrs $24.00 Buy

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance is approved to meet the Flood Insurance training course required for all producers who wish to sell flood insurance policies under the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2004. This course is designed to ensure producers are properly trained and educated about the National Flood Insurance Program. Covered in the course is flood policy general rules and rating calculations; flood claims handling Process; and Requirements of the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2004. hide details...
Online 3 hrs $24.00 Buy

Homeowners Valuation

This three hour Homeowner Valuation training course takes the student through types and levels of coverage, required disclosures, how dwelling value is determined, and the impact of catastrophes on coverage and claims. It is designed to teach producers how to correctly estimate the replacement value of a home. hide details...
Online 3 hrs $24.00 Buy

IRAs for Individuals and Business Explained

Saving for retirement is an important concern for us all. This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts and costs of retirement. Health care costs, personal savings plans, and Social Security provide consumers with a myriad of decisions to make in preparation for retirement. By the end of this course, you will have a basic understanding of IRA products, eligibility, contributions, and conversions. hide details...
Online 3 hrs $24.00 Buy

Taking Care of Business - Life and Health Plans

This practical guide will help insurance professionals understand the needs of businesses in taking care of their employees. Discover all the choices out there: HMOs, PPOs, Executive Bonus, Buy-Sell, qualified retirement. Requirements, characteristics, and tax consequences of all these are discussed. A must-have tool in today's world for this niche market! The Office of Insurance Commissioner does not allow courses to be repeated within a three-year period. hide details...
Online 3 hrs $24.00 Buy
Workbook 3 hrs $24.00 Buy

Estate Planning Toolkit

An estate plan can accomplish many things for individuals of any age or income. Advance preparation is the key! This course introduces the broad concepts of estate planning and living trusts, as well as the finer details of intestacy laws, joint ownership, taxes and the importance of wills. hide details...
Online 1 hrs $8.00 Buy
We also suggest
Insurance Dictionary 17.00 Buy

A MUST HAVE reference tool! Chock full of more than 4,200 clear, informative definitions of key terms used in life, health, property, casualty and other types of insurance. This Dictionary of Insurance Terms is a handy, quick reference source for agents, brokers, underwriters, and consumers looking for easy-to-understand meaning of insurance terms. Includes "state-of-the-art" insurance offerings that have come on the insurance scene over the past few years, as well as traditional products. Cross references allow the reader to research variations of the terms. You?ll use this reference tool on a daily basis for years and years to come!

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