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Thinking about an Oregon Real Estate License?

Get help from ProSchools!

ProSchools: 50 years of experience. 225,000 graduates. Successful alumni nationwide.

Don't trust just anyone with your career. Choose ProSchools, where experienced and caring professionals teach real estate classes online. As a student of our Oregon Real Estate licensing program, you'll get:
  • Online real estate lessons with instructor support
  • Comprehensive quizzes and practice exams
  • 24/7 course access to fit your pace and schedule
  • Helpful support when you need it
Oregon Real Estate Courses and Products

Oregon Real Estate Prelicense Exam Prep Online

Feeling exam jitters? Pass your exam the first time by choosing Oregon?s #1 online Real Estate Exam Prep! Packed with value, ProSchools? powerful Exam Prep consists of the state bank of questions, helping you prepare to pass your state exam the first time! With a complete explanation for each answer, you'll not only learn the rationale behind each answer, but you will also learn why the other answers are incorrect. ProSchools prepares you so that no matter how the question is worded, you will understand the question and get it right! Upon enrollment you will have access to your exam prep for 6 months or 100 hours of online study time, whichever occurs first. hide details...
Online N/A $99.00 Buy

Exam Prep Toolkit: Real Estate

The Online Real Estate Test Prep package is a complete suite of online test prep products, all preparing you for the national portion of the real estate licensing exam. more details...

Included in the complete tool kit are:
  • Real Estate Flashcards covering hundreds of terms and definitions
  • Powerful recorded reviews covering all topics on the national portion of the licensing exam
  • Recorded webinar covering test-taking tips, strategies for preparing for the national portion of the state licensing exam and how to utilize the test content outlines
  • hide details...
      N/A $99.00Was $158.00 Buy
    We also suggest
    Calculator - Qualifier Plus IIIFX 79.00 Buy

    Real Estate finance made simple! The Qualifier Plus IIIFX will save you time and allow you to sell more effectively. Quickly and simply solve complex loan, finance and commercial investment problems with confidence. Time-saving features include: cash flow, IRR< NPV and NFV, dual loan qualifying, dedicated tax and insurance keys, and lifetime "Cap" for ARMS.

    Oregon Real Estate Prelicense Textbooks 75.00 Buy

    Easy to read textbooks.

    Supplemental Live Real Estate Classes 250.00 Buy

    ProSchools' supplemental live Real Estate classes are held weekly at the Cedar Hills location (Tuesday from 6:15pm to 9:15pm).

    ProSchools' Oregon real estate license instructors are certified Distance Education Instructors by IDECC, the International Distance Education Certification Center.
    ARELLO Certified ProSchools Oregon real estate licensing courses are certified to the high standards for distance education established by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials.
    State seal of Oregon ProSchools is approved by the State of Oregon Real Estate Agency and has met the standards for offering Oregon real estate prelicense and continuing education.
    Testing by PSI ProSchools is a leading provider of Oregon real estate licensing education, preparing hundreds of new licensees to pass the PSI Oregon real estate license exam every year.

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