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More CE Options for New Jersey Licensees

We have doubled our CE offering in the state of New Jersey! There are 5 new courses available in our License Renewal catalog including:
  • Short Sales
  • Green Real Estate
  • Real Estate Law
  • Listing and Selling HUD Homes
  • Ethics in Real Estate
Green Real Estate in particular has been a very popular course. We go into detail on what concerns the market today - things like green energy, green housing and green certification.

The housing market is becoming increasingly greener, due in part to regulatory demand and in part to consumer demand. We explain the techniques used in green building and the benefits of green building for energy efficiency. You'll learn the types of green certification available and how they apply to systems, housing and licensees. Also covered is how to appropriately refer green contractors and other vendors.

If you have clients who are interested in green living or building, you'll enjoy this course.

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