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ProSchools 2012 Year in Review

ProSchools would like to wish everyone a very safe, happy Christmas and holiday season!

To all of our Valued Clients, Partners and Students
I would like to take a few moments to thank all of our extremely valuable and loyal clients and students for choosing and working with ProSchools as your education provider.  We know that you have choices as to your provider and we are truly appreciative that you have selected ProSchools to take care of your education needs.  There's no way we would be anywhere near as successful as we have been without you.  Part of that success is directly attributable to you.  When I mention success, I'm not simply speaking of dollars and cents- it goes well beyond profit and loss.  Please read on...
While many businesses consider "success" to be a simple measure of profitability... an "are we making more than we're spending" mentality, we look at things a bit differently.  While the financial aspects of any business are critical, we feel that one of our stronger "success" points is that we listen... really listen, to you, our client.
The insurance world is a difficult one, fraught with strange and unfamiliar terminology and concepts.  A large part of my job is to ensure that our students have the best possible chance of success when preparing for any licensing examination.  To that end, it's important that we, as an education company,  achieve a level of instruction that not only deals with those things that are required as part of the insurance exam, but works for the student as well. 
I've learned over the years that there's usually a better way to build a mousetrap.  Not reinvent the darn thing, but make it better than its original design.  Many businesses would benefit if the business actually listened to their customers.  Only by listening will you know what the client demands, and if a business is completely "stuck in the mud" in terms of its "intellectual" growth, they are likely to be out of business within a short period of time.  Companies that are reactive and that do not anticipate the future are, especially in this day and age, doomed to failure.  I take huge pride in the fact that we are not a reactive company.  We are extremely proactive in terms of our success- we anticipate what our students want and need and are just as proactive when it comes to assuring that our students have the most up-to-date, accurate and available material in the industry. Anywhere.  Period.  End of story. 
                                So, what have ya done for me lately?    
Great question!  How about this?  ProSchools had the largest expansion into additional states we've ever had in 2012 and more states are on the near horizon.  You asked, we delivered!  In our desire to become the leading insurance educator in the country, we've launched insurance courses throughout the year and can now claim a distinct presence in the following states:
Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Georgia
Illinois Maryland Michigan Nevada New Jersey
North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania
Tennessee Texas Vermont Washington West Virginia

As many in the insurance business are now aware, there is a great push to standardize insurance prelicense education throughout the country.  When you live in my life, you'll find that if you look at two different states, you're looking at two completely different mentalities in terms of education.  Every state is different... there are commonly great similarities among the states, but just as often, there are huge disparities as well.  Keeping up with the constant changes within the insurance education industry, (remember, insurance is a state-regulated industry and states change things all of the time) we are in a continual tap-dancing mode when it comes to accuracy and timeliness of material. 

While we're in the "fortunate" pattern of thought, I'm fortunate to be surrounded by professionals who know what it takes to get the job done.  Their level of expertise and knowledge is critical to any success that I may have experienced, and I thank them profusely.  On the other hand, our clients, partners and students have been just as on top of things as the staff I work with.  Many, many times I've heard from you with suggestions on how we may improve on things around here... we listen and thank you for that input.  To those of you that have identified inconsistencies or errors, (not many of those to find!) I personally want to extend my thanks to you.  You've been of tremendous help and I couldn't do it without your feedback.

In closing, you can look forward to many new and exciting changes and additions in 2013.  Ideas are flying around like the snowflakes on Mt. Hood!  Please continue to let us know how we can make things even better.  You're part of our team, too!
Here's to a wonderful and joyful 2013!

-Gary Sternberg, Director of Insurance Programs/Lead Instructor

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